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I like it. It's simple and not too easy or too hard.

However, the time based scoring is bad since drag and drop mechanics is very finicky. I find myself often to misplace pieces or miss the placement completely, which costs unnecessary time. This is very annoying when I know a solution and try to get a better score. At that point, I'm fighting only the controls.

Also, as others said, the difficulty is all over the place, with no difficulty curve.

Fix those points and this might be a full five stars.

I liked it very much. Took me maybe 15 minutes to get all endings.

Both stories are nice, but overall I liked the time traveler part much more. Maybe you can build on both ideas and make two individual longer stories with twists and turns?

I took off half a star due to missing artwork, even one single image for each story would've been better. The music was on point (and clearly reminiscent of your goat-cult-game).

Loved it. Art style and music were nice, nothing more to say.

I encountered a few problems: When going to the menu with Esc and hitting it again sometimes it says "Security Error The operation is insecure.". The game locks up and you have to reload the page. Saving doesn't work for me on Firefox, is that intentional? If so, remove the Save menu. Last issue, on the dialogue for the bookshelf in the caravan (IIRC) it should say "worn out" not "warn out".

Gerkinman responds:

I am glad you enjoyed the game, but I am sorry about the issues you ran into.

A lot of these issues are due to the fact the game was made in RPG Maker, a lot of the features (such as removing saves) aren't possible because they are built into the core engine. While the program does now export to HTML5 it is still focused on exporting mainly for play as desktop apps and so the browser export is buggy, at best. Hopefully overtime they will iron out these kinks and give people more control over what features of the game the final output uses.

In terms of future projects I have no plans for making any games small enough to submit to this site sadly, but I hope for the sake of other developers a lot of these tools do get fixed up and ironed out.

You are also the second person to point out that spelling mistake ha ha, I will fix that soon!

I liked it very much. Also, in addition to Alegene's suggestion for background music, I would like a possibility to change the colortheme. If not by color picker, some preselected themes would do it.

This is basically a 15 puzzle with bigger boards and different patterns. You can still use the very same strategies. I got bored after a few rounds since it's nothing too different or new. Also, your progress gets reset when you press go back to the level selection.

resterman responds:

Have you tried levels from the second and third row? Those are not so simple to solve.
And the progress reset is completely weird. I'll check that out.

Loved the roundhouse kick!

Completed the game. Loved it. The voiceacting was also lovely. Looking forward to part two!

With all Stars my final Score was 522500.

Nice game, out-of-the-box thinking required. Couldn't complete it though, Flash crashed twice on me.

it's ok

overall it's okay but there could be done much more (eg sounds). 4 stars because it's working fine.

EternalUday responds:

Um, yeah this is my first game so next one I'll try and do what you suggested.

fun but

kept me playin a few minutes until I had enough of that stuttering. has veeery bad performance even with quality setting low. I would give at least two points more if the performance was better.
I like this kind of challenging game if its not too hard and especially if upgrades are involved.

Still studying. A lot of YouTube watching and gaming going on. Aspiring IT consultant, allround techie.

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