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fun but

kept me playin a few minutes until I had enough of that stuttering. has veeery bad performance even with quality setting low. I would give at least two points more if the performance was better.
I like this kind of challenging game if its not too hard and especially if upgrades are involved.


way too easy and way too short. took me less than 5 minutes to complete the whole game. time limit for every level should be set much shorter to 1:30 or so...
graphics are ok but could be better (I recognize compression artifacts).

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some new idea

nice idea, something new for me. the font could be anitaliased, also the cube.
add perhaps some relaxing background music.

keep up the work!

nothing new

it's ok. but you have to draw a solid borderline because I bet all three worlds just by moving the mouse into the lower left corner. while I write these words I am "playing" sandbox hard just with that method.
add a mute button.
those "worlds": I expected a maze or something. theres no difference to sandbox mode except the time limit.
last, I liked your texts introducing the levels.

nice idea

I think its too hard as for me I didnt get over level 5. add an option to mute the sound or regulate it. graphics could be better or make the flash a bit lager, the jumping guy was so small. and please change the countdown sound.

sorry for that hard review.

3/5 and 6/10 for the idea.

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it's ok

nothing special.

just try to change one thing: the playback of the sounds is very delayed.

Frenzy responds:

I honestly don't know how to fix that, sorry.

~ Z

i like it

it's not bad. I like the humour, especially in the beginning.

some sounds are missing. music is well chosen.

the graphics: well, could be better but they are ok.

keep up the work ^_^

MentalAtom responds:

I am going to improve the graphics

I love to hit Bush!

I gave only nine points on sound coz you could add some background music.
Anything else was perfect :-))))
One of my alltime favourites.

I love splatter

I needed more than one try to beat the game, I think it's a bit hard but possible.
great ideas of middle age medicine.
one of my favourites!

funny thing, man

nice idea but gets quite early boring...
good for frustrated moments ^_^

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