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Sonomabob's News

Posted by Sonomabob - June 22nd, 2008

hi all,

next week will be ralaxing. just on tuesday's again a hard test. got to start learning today otherwise I won't make it. on wednesday to friday I have some internal lessons in my bank.

It's great that germany is in the half finals of the euro 2008. we play next on wednesday. hope we get to the finals ^-^

I installed recently Overlord again on my computer. the game is really funny. if you want to know something about it, google for it.

I am also glad, that summer is finally here :-)

nothing more to say for now

so cya and have fun


euro 2008 and other stuff

Posted by Sonomabob - June 15th, 2008

for the last week and the next week there won't be anything special.

tuesday test in vocational school and wednesday I voluteered to drive some of the new apprentices who will start in september.

regarding music, I didnt have any great ideas but I thinks it's normal not have it all the time... ;-)

so far from me again

cya and hf


Posted by Sonomabob - June 5th, 2008

the test was horrible today. for most answered I guessed... :-P
I am tense what the results will be.

but lets change the topic to something more comfortable.

the original reason I make this post I want to tell you the rules for uploading audio I thought for myself.

- never delete your bad ones. you learn from those.
- never vote on your own audios to push up the score. so you see the real opinion from the people of your stuff.
- never say something like " pls check out my stuff" in reviews

perhaps I will add occasionally rules. but those are the most basic ones I thought of.

so thats from me again so far.

cya and hf


Posted by Sonomabob - June 4th, 2008

hi all!

tomorrow i have the third and last test for this week. *seigh*

although I had to learn, I couldn't resist to make some music...
this is what cames out: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /148631
a chilling summerstyle song.

it's imho my best song so far. I put a lot of effort into it.
I hope you enjoy it.

Now it's late and I still have to learn what i will do now.

so cya and hf


Posted by Sonomabob - May 26th, 2008

hi all!

I had to learn today that next week will be hard. three tests, two of them on tuesday...
hope i will manage the learning ;-)
this weak is also on saturday an voluntarily lesson...

I started a new project today. could become something good i think ^_^

so cya and hf


Posted by Sonomabob - May 25th, 2008

hi all!

school holiday is over now so there will be school again tomorrow.
still got to learn later, I dont want to know what I have forgotten over those two weeks....

so cya soon and hf


Posted by Sonomabob - May 21st, 2008

work was very exhausting this week...

I am glad that there is a holiday in germany tomorrow otherwise I think I would collapse.

hope you guys have more luck ;-)

with FL I have atm no good ideas, I am just working always on new fragments without continuing the ideas :-/

so far from me

cya hf


Posted by Sonomabob - May 10th, 2008

hi all,

I am glad I got some holiday this week coz I am ill. I catched some virus 1,5 weeks ago and in the last week it got worse. Yesterday at work I feared I'll loose my voice. Fortunately today it's better.

Now I can recover a bit.

Hope you guys are well.

Perhaps I find even some time to play Final Fantasy 12. ^_^


cya, hf


Posted by Sonomabob - May 3rd, 2008

It's already some days ago when I uploaded my first complete trance track.

I tried to make it sound cool but I think it has become a bit repetitive.
Hope you like it anyway.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /141007

Have fun!


Posted by Sonomabob - April 11th, 2008

Greetz all!

After trying around with FL Studio for more than two weeks now I finally could make up enough courage to upload my first audio submission. It's a short trance loop.

You can listen to it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /136795

I hope its not too bad...

See you soon,