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Still studying. A lot of YouTube watching and gaming going on. Aspiring IT consultant, allround techie.

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Sonomabob's News

Posted by Sonomabob - April 13th, 2009

Hey guys,

last week I had free from work. Unfortunately I have caught a cold and it isn't gone yet. Tomorrow I have to work again. Perhaps I'll go to the doctor now.

It's been a while since my last audio submission, so I made yesterday one. Currently I am working on the full version of my last loop, please check it out.

Finally I wish you a happy easter afterwards and such a nice weather as it is here in bavaria.

Hope youre doin' well,

See you soon,


Being ill during my holiday

Posted by Sonomabob - March 28th, 2009

hey all,

recently nothing special has happened. got a new pc supply, meanwhile I've got it already for about 3 weeks.

I am playing mainly anarchy online at the moment. my character's slowly growin' coz the level is already quite advanced.

With FL I am messing around again.

So there's really nothing special to talk about.

I hope you're doin' well.

cya and hf


nothing special recently

Posted by Sonomabob - March 4th, 2009

hey all,

at the moment I have a hard time without my pc.

here's the story in short:
about 2.5 weeks ago the power supply unit went dead. although my pc is now onIy quite exactly one year old (and was expensive). I sent the unit to the reseller and until today I am waiting for response. I guess it will take at least one further week till i get the power supply back. *sigh*

cant play computer games, cant work on my newest project...

i am glad to be able to post here at all, i use my dad's old slow pc. nothing runs on this machine :-/
at least i can watch animes ^^

playing ps2 and final fantasy xii as compensation in my freetime.

this week is kinda relaxing (concerning work).

thats all this time,

cya and hf


Posted by Sonomabob - February 7th, 2009

hey all,

finally i have some time to relax again this week.

I am so glad, that next week will be easy, coz i will only have some workshops.

tomorrow (perhaps even today) i will start to work on my presetation, what i originally wanted to do last week :-P

otherwise I also didnt find time to work on my last submission...

at home I am purely relaxing :-)

so cya,


Posted by Sonomabob - January 26th, 2009

hey all,

I am really not keen of this week *sigh*.

today i had a long day of work, tomorrow i wont get home before 7pm, quite same for wednesday and thursday. only friday will be the shortest day of the week. I hope i will arrive at home at 5 pm then.
and almost every day I have to learn for something different.
at the weekend i have to prepare a presentation...

I hope you dont mind me crying 'bout this :-P

by the way, i am working on a new track. perhaps it will be good ^_^

so cya,

and i wish you a not so exhausting week.


Posted by Sonomabob - December 31st, 2008

hey guys,

it's quite a while since my last post and it's quite a while since my last audio submission. today i've decided upload a little loop again. I made it according to a video tutorial.

recently I don't watch animes a lot but i am playin warrock very much. pwnnig all noobs out there ;-P

one special thing happened: i started playin the old n64 game zelda: majoras mask again. meanwhile I am quite far again, only the last temple is missing.

also downloading WoW in order to play on some private servers, i am not willing to pay for that game.

otherwise i wish all of you a happy new year!


Andreas aka Sonomabob

Posted by Sonomabob - November 14th, 2008

hi guys,

I know its been a while since my last post coz i wasnt too acive on ng.
Now i think i will visit the page more often again.

I've even got a new full track but i dont like to upload it coz I am not satiesfied yet...

currently I am watching the animes "rosario to vampire capu 2" and to "love ru".

last week i had some lessons securites which wasnt too exhausting but kinda boring...

this weekend i will perhaps watch the new bond on the cinema.

i think this was it for this time, so

cya and hf


Posted by Sonomabob - August 21st, 2008

hi all,

awww, tomorrow is the last day of my two week holiday. I have to work again from monday on.

I was shopping and bought some clothes. that was more than necessary... :-P

currently watching the anime Rosario To Vampire.

I dont make too much FL recently, but I think that will change again by time.

so cya and hf


Posted by Sonomabob - July 18th, 2008

hi all!

it's quite a while since the last post so I thought I make a new one.

whats new? well on my side not much, but perhaps you have more to tell...

this week I wanted to watch the last episodes of the anime maburaho, let's see if I manage that :-P

I think I will leave this post short.

so cya and hf


ps: warrock is lagging very much recently

Posted by Sonomabob - June 27th, 2008

hi all,

germany is in the finals of the euro 2008! yay!

tomorrow one last internal lesson, on the weekend... phew...

I bought new inline skaters on tuesday, they are great. I tested them yesterday.

sorry for being short this time I am k.o. ;-)

that's from me again

cya and hf